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Regenerative Therapy


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For many people who live with debilitating osteoarthritis and chronic joint pain, treatment options are limited to mainly steroid injections, hyaluronic acid joint injections, joint replacement surgery, and physical therapy. 

Our NEW breakthrough Regenerative Medicine Therapy may be used to successfully treat patients with osteoarthritis and other chronic musculoskeletal and joint pain issues. 

Relief and Healing start almost immediately with this treatment!

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Regenerative Therapy is a revolutionary treatment option that uses the body’s own healing ability to


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Ohio Therapy Centers now offers a full range of regenerative therapies to give our patients access to the widest range of treatments for fuller healing and relief. 


We like to think of regenerative medicine therapy as cooperative medicine: a way of working with the care continuum and your body.

The body’s regenerative process requires a dynamic environment consisting of a variety of


So in the event of injury, the body relies upon more than just a stem cell. It needs the complex rally of many cells and proteins to help start or aid the regenerative process and get it back up to speed. That’s where regenerative therapy comes in, replenishing what the body needs, where the body needs it, to better maintain the whole!



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Some of the Regenerative Treatments we now offer include:

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections administer concentrated platelets from the patient’s own blood into damaged cartilage and tendons to reduce pain and aid in the healing process.
  • PRP rebuilds these tissues and can be used for common tendon injuries, such as tennis elbow, and to repair cartilage due to osteoarthritis or other damage.
  • PRP injections consist of extracting a blood sample, concentrating the platelets, and injecting them into injured areas of the body.
  • PRP injections are sometimes performed in a series, but many patients only require one injection to see results.

When PRP is injected, it releases its activating factors over about 6-8 hours.


A2M Therapy

  • Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) Rich – 6 times the concentration found in blood
  • Broad-spectrum protease inhibitor that baits and traps all known factors causing cartilage catabolism
  • The first and only system to centrifuge and filter plasma for the optimal ratio of high platelets to low white blood cells if platelets are preferred
  • Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex Test performed pre-injection to determine injection efficacy
    Orthopedics This Week’s 2015 Best New Spine Technology Award Recipient


Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)

  • PRFM is a new advance in Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used since the 1970s in medicine for multiple purposes.
  • The potential for PRP to promote tissue healing following injury or disease is attractive to many physicians, researchers, and patients alike.
  • The advantage of PRFM is that this technology binds the platelets into a gel matrix, and extends the time the platelet-activating factors are released to 6-8 days.
  • This allows for more prolonged recruitment of local stem cells and fibroblasts, which should produce a more profound effect at the injection site.
  • Unlike medications or cortisone injections, which suppress or mask the underlying problem, PRP shows the potential to heal.

PRP, A2M, and PRFM are derived directly from a patient’s own blood.

After the blood is drawn, it is centrifuged, and the platelets are separated. Through a proprietary system, the platelets are prepared and remain in a liquid form for injection for about 15 minutes. Once they reach the tissue, the gel matrix is formed, and the beneficial effects start to occur.

To date, many patients have been treated with PRP injections. Success rates that appear in the published literature and across the web vary considerably. Although measurements and results vary, some are reported at a greater than 90% success rate. 



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Regenerative Therapy goes way beyond the benefits of any other treatments we offer.


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While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, Regenerative Therapy

Some people will feel immediate relief from their pain and will notice continued improvements in pain reduction, mobility, and range of motion following the treatment. Most results are seen within one to three months after injection.

The wonderful thing about Regenerative Therapy is that it’s being found to be a safer and more effective pain relief treatment than addicting prescription medications and surgeries that require weeks and sometimes months of downtime from your active life. 

However, this therapy doesn’t just put a Band-Aid on the problem and walk away; it encourages your own body to start healing.

The result is reduced or eliminated pain, healthier joint tissue, increased mobility, and the ability to once again engage in all of your favorite activities, allowing you to live a vibrant, healthy, and pain-free life!


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A quick breakdown of this simple, in-office procedure for Regenerative Therapy:



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Is Regenerative Therapy Safe?


Millions of injections have been performed so far without a single reported adverse side effect.



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Post Injection Rehabilitation


Your Rehabilitation Plan May Include Any Combination Of The Following:

Postural Assessments

Strengthening Exercises

Clinical Massage

Trigger Point Therapy



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 Chronic musculoskeletal joint pain is frustrating and can keep you from living an active and healthy life. We invite you in for a Regenerative Therapy consultation, where we can find out if this treatment is right for your chronic musculoskeletal and joint pain. 


To learn more about our NEW Regenerative Therapy treatments, contact the Ohio Therapy Centers team at our 6 convenient Northeast Ohio locations in Akron, Canton, Elyria, Euclid, Eastside Cleveland, and Westside Cleveland

No drugs. No surgery. Just results.

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