Did you know that whiplash can happen at ONLY 10 MPH?!





Impact injuries even at low speeds can often cause severe damage to the spine, or damage surrounding muscles and ligaments. The video above illustrates the potential complications that commonly occur in car accidents.


car accident injury

Tips for Injury Care After A Car Accident


  • Don’t wait to get treatment (it affects your recovery) – We have same day appointments

  • Correct diagnosis is essential to proper care – We have Certified Doctors on staff to examine your injuries

  • Going to the ER is a good first step in getting proper care –  Our offices specialize in injury care

  • Many times there is insurance for injury care available even if you do not have health insurance

  • Low impact collisions can cause significant injuries – It is important for you to have your injury evaluated

  • Our Offices have a Team of Doctors to assist in your Recovery – There is no point in driving to multiple offices

  • Your injuries were due to the physical insult of an accident – Our physical medicine offices can provide the care for your recovery.


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