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Conditions Treated

Car Accident Chiropractors at Ohio Therapy Centers are the most sought after car accident and whiplash treatment centers in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Elyria, OH. Also treating individuals with Work-Related Injuries and various Musculoskeletal issues, our incredible staff of chiropractors combines traditional chiropractic adjustments and treatments with other natural treatment therapies to produce effective results.

car accident injuries Ohio Therapy Centers

Car Accident Injuries

At Ohio Therapy Centers, we personalize treatment plans to manage pain, speed up healing, and improve mobility or function.

work related injuries Ohio Therapy Centers Cleveland Akron Canton Elyria

Work-Related Injuries

Ohio Therapy Centers in Northeast Ohio specializes in musculoskeletal injuries and is BWC certified to see injured workers in the state of Ohio.

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Ohio Therapy Centers, with 6 locations in Northeast Ohio, provides top quality treatment of shoulder injuries, arthritis, and acute or chronic pain.



Injured woman feeling bad after having a car crash
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Northeast Ohio Car Accident Injury Treatment Center

There are approximately 12 million car accident injuries occurring in the United States every year. Out of those accidents, roughly 1/6th result in whiplash injuries to the neck. Many people are unaware that the symptoms of a car accident injury will often be delayed. These injuries, left untreated, can lead to very serious ailments which can result in a lifetime of problems and pain.


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We Accept Most Major Medical Insurance Plans

We accept auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury, and most major medical health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. Auto accident treatment is often covered by your insurance carrier.
Since there are so many insurance plans, coverage can vary widely. Please call us to find out if your plan covers care in our office. 1-833-253-2020

Patient Testimonials

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My job is very physical and it is necessary for me to take good care of my back. Dr. Fabian is amazing! I spend a lot of time on my feet. Sometimes it’s my feet or my ankles and sometimes it’s my back and shoulders (or anywhere in between). He addresses any concerns.
His office has state-of-the-art equipment. The drop leaf table makes adjustments gentle without jerking and twisting. I see a lot of physical therapist working with patients and their scheduling allows for a short wait time.
I can say from experience regular adjustments keep me going strong and I am thankful for his help.

Judy G.

30 yrs ago I had four knees operations. I’m 55 now. My knees are painful today. About 4-5 yrs ago I received the PRP injections and I had about 99% pain relief for 4-5 yrs. Then they started hurting again pretty badly recently. I went back to Eastside and received the PRP injections again. The pain relief was almost immediate. I would give 10 stars if I could. I recommend Eastside to everyone. Outstanding. Thanks Doc McKeigan and staff.

Shawn D.

I have some pretty serious shoulder issues, especially with my tendon and also my neck. I talked with a surgeon after getting an MRI and was looking at that as a last resort since I’d have to be off work for probably 9 months. However, after doing a Google search I found Ohio Healthcare Partners. I am so glad I found this place. They do a well-rounded treatment including physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, lidocaine injections in the trigger points, and much more. I know it’s going to take time but I feel strongly that I’m going to get the help I need. Thank you, Ohio Healthcare Partners.

Rick M.

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