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In Ohio: Does Car Insurance Go Up if You See a Doctor After an Accident?


Navigating the aftermath of a car accident involves various considerations, including seeking medical attention for injuries sustained. In Ohio, the impact of seeing a doctor after an accident on your car insurance rates is influenced by several factors. Let’s explore this topic with examples to provide clarity on potential scenarios.


Reporting an Accident and Seeking Medical Attention

In Ohio, reporting an accident to your insurance company and seeking medical attention generally does not automatically lead to an increase in car insurance premiums. Insurance providers in Ohio, like in many other states, understand the importance of obtaining medical care after an accident.


Consider Maria, who was involved in a collision in Ohio. She promptly reported the accident to her insurance company and sought medical attention for her injuries. In this case, her act of seeing a doctor would not, on its own, trigger a rise in her car insurance rates.


Fault and Insurance Premiums

Fault plays a significant role in determining insurance premiums in Ohio. If you are deemed at fault in an accident, your rates may increase due to the resulting claims. However, the act of seeking medical attention itself is not the primary factor influencing rates.


John was found at fault in an accident in Ohio and had to file a claim with his insurance provider. The increase in his premiums would be tied to the fault determination and the resulting claims, rather than the fact that he sought medical help.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and MedPay

In Ohio, drivers have the option to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage. These coverages can help pay for medical expenses, regardless of fault, and using them typically does not lead to increased insurance rates.


Emma, with PIP coverage in Ohio, sought medical attention for injuries after a car accident. Her PIP coverage took care of the medical bills, and her insurance rates remained unaffected by this specific act of seeking medical help.


Frequency of Claims

While Ohio insurance regulations may not penalize you for seeking medical attention after an accident, the frequency of claims, especially for medical expenses, could impact your rates over time.


Michael, who has filed multiple claims for medical expenses after accidents, may be viewed as a higher-risk policyholder by his insurance company. In such cases, the frequency of claims, rather than the act of seeing a doctor, can lead to potential rate increases.

In Ohio, seeing a doctor after a car accident typically does not result in an automatic increase in car insurance rates. The key factors influencing premiums are fault determination, the filing of claims, and the frequency of claims. It’s crucial to understand your specific insurance policy, coverages, and Ohio’s regulations to navigate the aftermath of an accident confidently.

Consulting with your insurance provider and familiarizing yourself with policy terms can provide valuable insights into how seeking medical attention may impact your premiums in the state of Ohio.

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