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We are your Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Regenerative Therapy Specialists serving patients in Cleveland, Brooklyn,  Elyria, Akron, and Canton.

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Ohio Therapy Centers has an extensive team of qualified medical professionals and healthcare providers in the Northeast Ohio area that can assist with many different medical & rehabilitative services.

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Regenerative Medicine Therapy

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Ohio Therapy Centers Specializes in:

Regenerative Therapy, Orthopedics, Musculoskeletal Issues, Car Accident Injuries, and Work-Related Injuries


Ohio Therapy Centers

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Two of the biggest trending questions about stem cell therapy, aside from insurance coverage and costs, are what is the aftercare from a regenerative stem cell therapy injection and are there any side effects.

Read our article “Stem Cell Therapy: Side Effects & Aftercare” and find out the answers to these important questions and see if this treatment option could work for you!

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