Changing Doctors in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Workers' Compensation changing Doctors

When you’re recovering from a work injury, it is important to have a good relationship with your treating doctor.   Your doctor will not only provide important medical treatment but will also refer you to specialists, set your work restrictions, and decide whether you have a permanent disability. If your treating doctor does not support […]

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January 3, 2018

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What is Whiplash?

whiplash car accident

What Is Whiplash? Whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward, putting the cervical spine through lightning-quick motions and extreme stresses. Most cases of whiplash are caused by car accidents where the person has been rear-ended. Other potential whiplash causes, while comparatively rare, can include assault, bungee jumping, rollercoaster, […]

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December 27, 2017

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Thinking About Regenerative Therapy?

regenerative therapy

Are you considering Regenerative Therapy?   Regenerative Therapy with Amniotic Allograft Injections is now available for treating chronic osteoarthritic pain at our sister Physical Medicine locations: Xcell Medical Group in Elyria, Ohio Healthcare Partners in Fairlawn, and Eastside Medical Group in Shaker Heights. This breakthrough treatment option provides pain relief and healing without the risks […]

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Insurance Benefits – Use It or Lose It!

insurance benefits

The holiday season has arrived and like most people during this busy time of year, we are sure that your calendar is filling up with obligations.   If you have a calendar year plan with your group employer medical insurance, or your FSA/HSA plan, the end of the year is when most flexible spending, health […]

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