10 Questions That Arise After A Car Accident

questions car accident

10 questions that arise after you are involved in a car accident


  1. Should I seek medical attention after a car accident? If so, who should I see?

  2. Should I speak or give a recorded message to the insurance companies involved in the car accident?

  3. Should I trust the companies soliciting me to use their services?

  4. Should I seek the advice of an attorney concerning my car accident? Do they need to specialize in personal injury law?

  5. Am I being overcharged for services related to my case?

  6. Can I obtain medical treatment without health insurance?

  7. How do I know if my injuries have been diagnosed correctly?

  8. How do I obtain my police report? Is it correct?

  9. Is it important to have an independent repair estimate for my vehicle?

  10. Am I entitled to a rental car? 

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